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our list of treatments

a gift of wellness and relaxation
In this section you can find our selection of treatments, designed to make your stay with us even more special. A path of massages and traditional rituals to take care of the body by immersing the mind in a universe of well-being. At your disposal, in addition to the expert hands of our therapists, is a small SPA corner with Finnish Sauna and Turkish Bath, which together with the relaxation area represent a small corner of paradise. Our SPA corner is available every day by reservation in a Private SPA formula for 30 minutes, without surcharge

therapeutic massages

the best treatment to get rid of pain and muscle discomfort
  • Massotherapy €64

    55 min
    Manipulations aimed at preventing and treating pain and muscle contractures, as well as being particularly effective in treating tendon hardening.
    Absolutely the best treatment to combine with mud-balneotherapy

  • Cervical Massage €39

    25 min
    The decontracting neck massage is a panacea for anyone suffering from cervical pain; the therapist works on specific portions of the body to release the contractures that form along the back, neck and cervical spine.

  • Classic Massage €39

    25 min
    A decontracting and relaxing massage at the same time, to improve circulation and relieve muscle pain.

emotional massages

unique experiences to bring harmony and balance between body, soul and mind
  • Californian massage (draining) €64

    55 min
    Developed in California in the late 1970s, this massage with relaxing properties is designed to reduce stress by achieving a state of harmony between mind and body. Gentle movements alternate with energising manipulations, leading to an unparalleled feeling of well-being and unrivalled draining action.

  • Soul & Body €74

    55 min
    A unique massage, tailored to each person. Moving along the line connecting body, mind and spirit, this holistic massage improves breathing and sleep quality, enhancing blood circulation and reducing tension, stress and muscle stiffness. Holistic massage can also encourage the body's natural healing and help improve flexibility and mobility. This type of massage is suitable for those seeking a holistic approach to wellness and health.

  • Indian Massage €64

    55 min
    When there is a need to prevent ailments, but also to strengthen the immune system and relax, Ayurveda Abhyangam massage is there, like a universal panacea of well-being. This massage is based on an ancient technique designed to purify the body, eliminate toxins and allow the proper flow of nutrients.

  • Anti-stress Massage €64

    55 min
    A gentle massage with energising and relaxing characteristics, perfect for those who lead predominantly sedentary lives. By promoting better blood circulation, this massage relieves stress symptoms.

  • Candle massage €69

    55 min
    A holistic massage that uses warm vegetable butter from melting candles in order to involve all the senses, relaxing body and psyche, and giving the skin softness and tone. This massage is particularly suitable for people suffering from dry skin.

  • Hawaii - Lomi Lomi €64

    55 min
    Deep, cyclic movements, reminiscent of the movement of ocean waves on Hawaiian beaches, bringing serenity to body and soul, banishing anxiety and depression.

  • Hot Stone Therapy €84

    80 min
    Ancient technique used since the Aztec and Egyptian societies. Smooth, rounded lava and basalt stones, heated to a temperature of 50-60°C, are placed by therapists on the Chakra energy centres, especially along the spine.

draining massages

Massages and techniques designed to reduce water retention and improve circulation.
  • Drenal Active Plus €64

    55 min
    A ritual involving an initial fresh bandage with products designed to promote the drainage of excess fluids, followed by a pleasant and relaxing lymphatic drainage at the end. It produces a draining action, specifically aimed at alleviating sensitive capillary problems and slowed circulation.

  • Total Body Lymphatic Drainage €59

    55 min
    Through gentle 'pumpages', following the direction of the lymphatic pathways, the therapist promotes the outflow of excess fluid in the tissues, preserving the water balance in the interstitial spaces and promoting cell regeneration.

  • Partial Lymphatic Drainage for Legs €39

    25 min
    Gentle manipulation to promote liquid drainage through the lymphatic ducts, for a light and healthy feeling in the legs. The massage is performed with gentle ''pumping'' manoeuvres on the main lymphatic stations.

thermal mud

Explore the benefits of Fango-balneotherapy at our hotel in Abano Terme,
thanks to the properties of our patented thermal waters!

beauty by AQUA

Although we travel the world to find beauty, we must take it with us or we will not find it.
  • Perfumed Body Peeling €64

    55 min
    perfect before massages!
    A full body and facial peeling with a choice of aromas such as rose, green apple, honey, grape or volcanic powder.

  • Full Face Treatment €59

    55 min
    Beauty ritual for facial skin par excellence. A session includes an initial scrub using specific products, a facial cleansing session, the application of a soothing mask and a relaxing massage to complete the treatment, along with the application of a purifying cream.

  • Thalassotherapy €84

    85 min
    A unique saline treatment. The application of precious salts from the Dead Sea, after an initial scrub with saline butter, generates a draining effect, which counteracts cellulite blemishes by acting by osmosis, also accelerating the disposal of toxins and wastes.

  • Rebalancing Face Treatment €64

    intensive regenerating cleansing treatment with specific active ingredients indicated for acne-prone, mature or very scarred skin.

  • Sensitive €64

    55 min
    Treatment with decongesting, rebalancing and protective action for reactive skin prone to couperose redness and fragile capillaries.

  • Facial lymph drainage with a plant mask €59

    55 min
    A gentle massage with draining effect for the tissues, followed by the application of a special vegetable mud mask, with purifying and oxygenating action, typical of a mud with certified sebum-balancing properties.

  • Eyes & Lips Bloomer €64

    55 min
    A treatment with detailed manipulation and a fresh mask that relieves swelling of the eye area and gives vitality to the gaze, followed by a concentrated lip massage that, together with a specific serum and cream, gives nourishment and softness.

go go lift

Although we travel the world to find beauty, we must take it with us or we will not find it.
  • Plant Staminal €74

    55 min
    A treatment that finds its incredible benefits from plant stem cells from Swiss apples, edelweiss, chilli, soya and unripe grapes. Combined with hyaluronic acid of different molecular weights, these highly undifferentiated cells are able to perform excellent anti-ageing functions, protecting, stimulating and smoothing the skin.

  • Lifting Treatment €64

    55 min
    The instant-action treatment gives the face an instantly firmer, more compact and radiant look, while promoting anti-ageing action. The resolution for an immediate lifting effect.

  • Regenerating Bio Complex €64

    55 min
    The unique combination of products gives the face firmness and elasticity, enriching the subcutaneous tissues with a synergy of targeted components, leaving the skin extraordinarily toned

  • Collagen treatment €69

    55 min
    It has a lifting, revitalising, moisturising and restructuring action. The visible result will be a renewed smoothness and radiance of the skin thanks to the improved skin microcirculation.

all-around relaxation