the pampering card

Our selection of treatments, designed to make your stay with us even more special. A path of massages and traditional rituals to take care of the body by immersing the mind in a universe of well-being.

massaggio antistress abano

traditional massages

Massages with well-established techniques, some evergreens always recommended for those looking for a pleasant remedy for stress

anti-stress massage

A gentle massage with decontracting and relaxing properties, perfect for those who mainly lead sedentary lives.
55 min - € 59


or partial
The perfect conclusion after the thermal mud treatment to improve circulation, tone muscles, enhance flexibility and induce relaxation.
55 min - € 54
25 min - € 34

cervical massage

Ideal for fighting and dissolving the tensions accumulated in daily life that lead to functional disorders such as headaches and stiffness.
25 min - € 39

emotional massages

Ancient massages and holistic traditions. Massages dedicated to the spirit, with the aim of improving the well-being and balance of the person.

hot stone therapy

Ancient technique adopted by Indian shamans. Lava and basalt stones, smooth and rounded, heated to a 50 °C temperature, placed by therapists on Chakra energy centres
80 min - € 79


Massage with aromatic warm oil that, thanks to circular and flowing movements, relieves body tensions, eases disharmonies in the muscular system and promotes the elimination of toxins.
55 min - € 59

plantar reflexology

The Asians called it ''On Zon Su'', ''the art of heel massage''. finger pressure is extended to the entire foot with the ultimate aim of alleviating certain ailments or pathologies located elsewhere in the body. The massage ends with manipulations of the calves to promote circulation.
55 min - € 59

candle massage

esperienza da provare
A massage that, thanks to the warm vegetable butter from the melting candle, involves all the senses, relaxing the body and psyche, leaving the skin softer and more toned.
55 min - € 59

sky and sand

Relaxing manipulation focused mainly on the head, hands and feet that contributes to an overall feeling of relaxation.
55 min - € 59


Massage performed by applying and gently rubbing soft pads filled with carefully selected herbs onto the skin. Heat and herbs reduce swelling and dissolve toxins concentrated in the tissues
55 min - €74

hawai - massage lomi lomi

In ancient times, it was a ritual to achieve full self-awareness and physical and spiritual maturity. Relaxing and de-contracting thanks to the prolonged strokes and movements that alternate with different intensities and speeds, transmitting serenity and peace. A real cure-all for depression, anxiety and muscle tension.
55 min - €64

essence massage

Massages that provide a multi-sensory experience where the therapist's gentle manoeuvres are combined with the intense but delicious olfactory perception. Choose your favourite essence between chocolate (with antioxidant properties), vanilla (with anti-stress properties) and lemon and orange (with energising properties).
55 min - € 59

drainant massages

Massages and techniques designed to reduce water retention and improve circulation.

partial leg lymph drainage

Gentle manipulation to promote liquid drainage through the lymphatic ducts, for a light and healthy feeling in the legs. The massage is performed with gentle ''pumping'' manoeuvres on the main lymphatic stations.
25 min - € 39

total body lymphatic drainage

Through rhythmic and gentle movements, following the direction of the lymphatic vessels, the therapist stimulates the outflow of excess fluid in the tissues, restoring the water balance in the interstitial spaces and promoting cells regeneration.
55 min - € 59

drenal active

Ritual that provides an initial fresh bandage with essential oils with a pleasant and relaxing lymphatic drainage at the end. It produces a draining action, specifically aimed at alleviating sensitive capillary problems and slowed circulation.
55 min - €64

anti-cellulite treatments

The best techniques to treat the most common blemish among women.

anti-cellulite massage

Massage that stimulates circulation and overcomes the resistance of sclerotic fat layers, particularly on the legs and buttocks.
25 min - € 39

anti-cellulite mud

Shock treatment against both recent and long-standing cellulite imperfections. With its lipolytic and draining action, it promotes microcirculation, giving the skin immediate firmness and visibly reducing the 'orange peel' effect.
25 min - € 34

revitalizing firming mud

Effective treatment for reshaping, firming and counteracting sagging tissue. The smoothing action reduces and prevents stretch marks.
55 min - €64

aqua beauty

Our selection of techniques and products to give your skin its natural elasticity. Find your personal wellness centre in Abano Terme, discover Aqua Beauty.

offerta ad abano terme

Beauty ritual for facial skin par excellence. scrub with specific products, calibrated to the skin type, and a subsequent relaxing massage with final application of a purifying cream or clay mask.
55 min - € 59

flavoured body peeling

perfect before massages
A complete body and face peeling! Choose between roses, green apple, honey or volcanic powder.
55 min - €69

BIO COMPLEX plumping

The unique combination of products gives the face firmness and elasticity, enriching the subcutaneous tissues with a synergy of targeted components, leaving the skin extraordinarily toned.
55 min - €64


Reduces unsightly puffiness, dark circles. It nourishes the tissues of the eye area and gives vitality to the eyes with a massage.
25 min - € 34


A precious gift for oily skin, purifying and oxygenating, typical of a mud with a powerful sebum-balancing action.
25 min - € 34


Treatment with decongesting, rebalancing and protective properties, for reactive skin particularly prone to couperose redness and fragile capillaries.
55 min - € 59


Gentle massage with draining effect on the tissues accompanied by the action of a cream rich in skin-draining properties.
55 min - € 59


A treatment for the beauty and health of the foot that starts with a vibrating foot bath, continues with a thorough treatment of blemishes and ends with a massage to soften and refresh the skin. 55 min - €59


The instant-action treatment gives the face an instantly firmer, more compact and radiant look, while promoting anti-ageing action. The resolution for an immediate lifting effect. .
55 min - €64


It performs a lifting, revitalising, moisturising and restructuring action. The visible result will be a renewed smoothness and radiance of the skin thanks to improved skin microcirculation. .
55 min - €69


Specific treatment for smoothing cracks, small wrinkles and vertical marks around the lips. The action of the active ingredients gives the lips nutrition and softness, as well as a noticeable increase in volume.
25 min - € 34


A beauty treatment for the hands, for soft, velvety skin and perfectly manicured nails.
25 min - € 34