to Praglia by bike

visit to the abbey of praglia

The Praglia Abbey is one of the most important and evocative places of spirituality of the Euganean Hills.
The monastery represents a real monument of art and spiritual refuge thanks to its extension, beauty and architectural style.
Visiting it, even with a guide if you wish, you have the opportunity to admire the Cloister Botanical, an enchanting garden used in antiquity for the cultivation of medicinal plants, the Cloister Rustic, there was once the mill for oil processing and finally the Cloister Wall unit from which you can admire a suggestive view on the countryside of the Loggetta Belvedere.
praglia in bici

We love cycling, especially when the weather allows it! To get to the Abbey, from our Hotel Aqua, just follow the suggestive cycle paths that branch off along the many paths of the Euganean Hills.

What we do to reach Praglia is a flat and not very demanding route which, between the round trip, sees us pedaling for about 12-13 km:

a bike ride also suitable for beginners riding one of our free CityBikes, along which you will have the opportunity to admire enchanting views from both a natural and cultural point of view.

Are you all ready to get on the saddle?