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Things to do in Abano Terme

you are in a truly unique area, surrounded by cities of art like Padua and the Euganean Hills

The thermal vocation of Abano Terme goes back more than 2000 years. Already in the first century A.D., the ancient Romans venerated Abano’s immense thermal properties, dedicating a place of worship and veneration to our thermal waters. It is precisely on the small Montirone hill that we can still admire the ancient stone thermal baths where our water used to spring at around 80°C. The name of the city of Abano terme comes from the God Aponus, that in Roman times was identified as the protector of thermal waters. A visit to the Montirone Park and the Civic Art Gallery is highly recommended during your visit to Abano Terme.

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Things to see in Abano Terme


For a city of only 20,000 inhabitants, Abano Terme has a truly extensive pedestrian centre, rich in history and culture. The pedestrian zone, besides cocktail bars and shops of all kinds, also hides many monuments, hidden among spots and parks. Search for the statue of Pietro d’Abanoillustrious philosopher and physician who cured no less than the poet Francesco Petrarcaintroducing him to the properties of spas during gout treatment, or stop to admire the commemorative plaque at the Hotel Trieste and Victoria, where Armando Diaz stayed, before signing, in the nearby Villa Giusti,World War I armistice.

Abano Terme, Padua and the Euganean Hills

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hidden art among the euganean hills

along the euganean hills cycle path, just a few minutes from aqua hotel, you will find....

Sanctuary of Our Lady of Health in Monteortone, Abano Terme

One of the most famous places of worship in Abano Terme, dating back to the 15th century. Erected after the miracle of the apparition of Our Lady, who cured Pietro Falco of his wounds by immersing him in the waters of a nearby spring (who knows what spring, eh?), it became an increasingly popular destination for pilgrims over the years. Today, the ancient sanctuary is preserved in the apse of the sanctuary, which today looks like an imposing three-nave apsidal church, in the shape of a Latin cross, with a tripartite façade in which a large Baroque portal in white stone by Matteo Allio stands out. Inside we find paintings from the 16th and 17th centuries, by Palma il Giovane and Giovanni Battista Bissoni.

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The Monastery of San Daniele in Abano Terme is one of the oldest churches in the Veneto region. The first church building dates back to the 11th century, ordered by the Lords of Montagnon, who then entrusted the place of worship to the Benedictine monks of Praglia. The monastery has become one of the most famous places in the area thanks to its rich history and natural beauty. It contains some valuable frescoes and paintings dating back to the 16th century. Nowadays, this ancient building is still a place of worship and prayer, but it is also a popular tourist destination due to its peaceful and tranquil atmosphere.

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abbey of praglia abano terme

One of the most evocative places to visit, just 4 km from Abano Terme, is Praglia Abbey, where art, tradition and craftsmanship make up a unique environment. The Benedictine monks offer daily tours of the Abbey’s famous cloisters, main halls and church.
It also houses one of Italy’s main monuments, the National Library.

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villa dragons montegrotto terme

Villa Draghi, just a few minutes from the towns of Montegrotto and Abano Terme, with its neo-Gothic style and large romantic park represents the last vestige of the Veneto villa civilisation.
A pearl as close as it is unique, absolutely to be discovered during your spa stay.

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With its frescoed halls, garden of delights, and 40 hectares of grounds, Catajo Castle is considered among the most impressive and unmissable historical European residences.
Treat yourself to a dream: the natural elegance of the Euganean Hills palace.

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villa of the bishops luvigliano

A refined early 16th-century villa inspired by classical themes and surrounded by the landscape of the Euganean Hills that, thanks to its frescoes, creates a harmonious fusion of nature, art and architecture, between reality and illusion.

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The masterpiece, designed by the architect Luigi Bernini, represents the most significant example of a monumental garden of the 17th century, thanks to its impressive complex of fountains, streams, waterfalls, water features and fishponds. The meaning of the towering structure symbolises the spiritual path that man must take towards purification and salvation, reinforced by the presence of a labyrinth (of boxwoods) that stretches for about a kilometre and a half.

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