Meet & Party

We liked the idea of an “open minded” hotel, capable of transmitting the same positive feeling to whomever comes through the door, regardless of age, origin or reason for the trip. The ambience of our lobby expresses exactly this eclectic and informal spirit, where it’s easy to feel at ease.


The era of cold and sterile meeting rooms is over. Today, working means meeting, relating and socializing, staying connected to the world from your PC. The Aquameet room and the lobby of Aqua Hotel offer you a versatile and relaxed environment that supports your style and life and work.


You don’t need to stay at the hotel to enjoy Aqua Hotel’s business services. Our spaces are as open as our mentality. We welcome local start-ups who are looking for a welcoming environment for co-working projects, presentations or just to host a supplier or customer while sipping a coffee or enjoying a delicious slice of cake.

At your disposal:

  •   Aquavitae Bar, always open;
  •   Free broadband Wi-Fi in all internal and external areas;
  •   Lobby with sitting rooms and work spaces;
  •   Meeting and Conference Room with white board, screens and projectors;
  •   Aquolina Lounge Restaurant with à la carte and buffet menus;
  •   Convenient parking within hotel structure.



Ever thought of Aqua Hotel as the setting for your exclusive events? A dinner with friends, a birthday party, a special occasion. We can help you organize your most special moments, putting the green of our garden, the magic of our pools or the trendy look of our lobby as a backdrop depending on the season and your desires.